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A city at the Norwegian west-coast     Svein Lunde

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The city Aalesund sited just out at the ocean,
at the Norwegian west-coast.
A  view over the city. The picture from the city mountain Aksla
In the distance the bird island Runde, to the rigth the island named Godoy

A closer photo of the city. To the left the bay Hessavaagen
The channel in front divides the city into two parts, in fact the city covers several islands.
This channel gives the city it's name Aalesund  a channel shaped like a eel.

In the middle of the oposite side of the channel you have the area Brunholmen
Tothe left, the yellow building is the Bryggen Home Hotel. On  the rigth side is the hotel Scandic Aalesund 
At the front of the photo is the roof of the Parken Hotel.

This is the famous  Skansekaia harbour where the coast line ship  Hurtigruten comes every day.
To the  rigth is the famous  Molja Ligthouse.

From the same spot at the city mountain Askla, in the opposite direction.
A view of the Sunnmors alps, in front is the fjord names Borgundfjorden.
  Utsikten fra Sukkertoppen, et fjell som ligger helt vest på øyene som tilhører Ålesund
The view from the hill Sukkertoppen, the city Alesund and the island suorunding

A close up to the city, ands the resturang at the hill named Aksla
You can go there by a stairway from  city ore go by car

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A great overview over the city Aalesund and suoroundings
Et stort bilde av Alesund med omland klikk på bildet

Utsikten fra Sukkertoppen er storslått, i motlys ser vi fugleøya Runde
From the hill Sukkertoppen the views are great in one direction the seabird island named Runde
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