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About me
My name is Svein Lunde 

Where I live:
 I live in a village named Stranda beside the 
fjord named Storfjord.
This fjord  start from the ocean near by the city Aalesund 
and go strait inn to the famous town named Geiranger.
Beside this fjord there are a lot of histories from old time 
Spesially about people living in small farms high up in the hillside.

The nature in our area have great mountains surround the
fjords and nice area for mountainwalking
Here you will find the Sunnmor-alps.

,, Me in the mountains skiing
My hobbies
My hobby is photograpy, and walk in the mountains. 
Sometimes back packing other just a short walk 
for a day or a evning too.
In winter-time I use the same area but then skiing.
At time I do not performing my hobbies I have 
to go to a ordinary work, 
spesially for earning money for the daily life.
I have my work in the furniture industry, in a company
manufakturing furnitures for sitting purposes.

My photo equipment:
I use Nikon digital SLR cameras
The new Nikon D600 FX camera
 Nikon D 300s and a smaller one 
  Nikon and  Sigma lenses

I have for long time used Nikon cameras.

A  Nikon F90X and a older Nikon FE II
I have lenses from 24 m, up to 400
 Earlier I normally I use slide films.

.. Helping a little mountainwalker up the steep hillside
..To navigate in my group of pages, you find photos and 
information about Stranda by pointing to the name
Stranda at the bar in the headline.
As you go to the other name Sunnmore 
you will find photos from the area named 
Sunnmore, it is a part of the county
More and Romsdal at the west caost of Norway
. Spesially announced the Geiranger area.
As you go to Norway there you find infrmation and 
photos from several areas in Norway
Spesially the highland named Jotunheimen
Under the head album there are most
memories and photos from several
trips and walks I have done.
.. From a  walk in summertime.
Sometimes I wear tie too  From a skiing trip.
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