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In this page you will find photos and information about the famous fjord Geiragerfjorden 
and the old farms in the hillside beside the fjord. 
Here are memories from walks beside the fjord as shown at the little map (in read lines)
Geiranger and Geirangerfjord pictures
Picture taken from the other side, Knivsflaa
Picture taken from the other side at Skageflaa
På bildet ser vi Geirangerfjorden med de sju søstre og fjellgarden Knivsflå til høgre
Link til tur fra Lundaneset over fjellet og ned igjen ved Knivsflå
Here the view over the fjord named Geirangerfjorden, the waterfall The seven sisters in the middle and 
the mountain farm Knivsflaa to rigth in the photo.
Here a link to a walk from the outlet of the fjord, Lundanes, over the mountains and down to Knivsflaa
Storfjord stevnet 2003 på Me-Aakeneset
Storfjord stevnet arranged by the Friends of the Fjords at the old fjord farm Me-Aakeneset in Juni 2003

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