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This page is written spesially to tell about the roots of my family.
My grandfather was born 1876 and grew up at the old farm on the drawing below.
He was a boy among 6 brothers and one sister.
My grandfather was named Severin Furset, and the history tell, 
4 of his brothers emigrated to USA around 1900
Lars Petter  b.1874, Iver Andreas b.1883,  Ole Bastian  b.1885 and Petter Olaus b.1887,
all have last name Furset.
My grandfather go to USA too, but returned back to Norway after 7 years in USA, he was working in the woods in California and digging for gold in Alaska,
As a child I was lucky to have a grandfather telling about the life in USA, and the difference in living in that great country, compared to his life back in a small village in  Norway..
Her the old farm named Stokkemyra in the Furset area, the buildings was raised in 1845,
in this buildings lived a parent, and 8 children grew up here.
This drawing was maid by Bjarne Lunde a clever painter, he was my uncle and allowed me to publish his painting before he died, several years ago.

After my grandfather Severin come home from USA in the year 1907, he bougth this little farm in Stranda in the Kjolaas area ,and  gave it the name Lunde, from that we have ouer family name Lunde.
This little farm  gave enough food for a couple of cows and one  pig.
The photo from around 1934.

Here my grandfather and grandmother among the children.
From left: Olav, Martin, Severin b. 1876, Bjarne, Lovise b 1879, Alvhild, Ellen and Borghild.
My grandmother was borned Engeset.
This photo done a Sunday in 1936.
Here the Lunde farm, a new building for the animals is raising, that tell me the photo is taken 1936
A view over the old time village Stranda, the photo taken around 1930

The painter Bjarne Lunde  maid this painting , and it tell us how the area Slogstad in the village Stranda looks like in the year 1936, we know  he did it from a photo taken that year.
The church in Stranda is from 1836 and looks just like today.
This is the Engeset farm in Stranda, my grandmother grew up in the building in front.
She had the familyname Engeset, and the farm was named Karnelesgarden.
To the end a photo up to day, in the middle of the photo you can imagine the area in Stranda called Furset, and to left the farms named Engeset.
The old buildings are gone now, only memories back.

This page is done in the purpose get connection  to our relatives living in USA.


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