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Velkommen til min heimeside.

På mine sider vil eg informere om og vise bilder fra naturen på Sunnmøre og andre områder i Norge.

Stranda er eit sentralt område i Sunnmørsalpane og eit ypperleg utgangspunkt for turer i fjellet både sommer og vinter.

Om meg.

Svein Lunde

Welcome to my homepage.

Here I will give inform about and show photos of my area of Norway.

The mountains in Sunnmore are called the Sunnmorsalps. My photos are taken on walks in the mountains during summer and winter, here I will show examples of these Sunnmorsalps

Here you find some 
information  about me



Ny ski heis på Strandafjellet

Photos from Røneset 2010  Storfjordens venner

Photos from a visit to Aakeneset

The Ravine in the hillside in  Aakeneset



I will like to inform about news coming in my pages:

Here will come pages with photos, done from my digital cameras.

Ny ski heis på Strandafjellet

Roalden Stranda great view
Roalden Stranda with marks of some mountains

The ravine in Aakeneset
The new Opera house in Oslo 2008
The farms in area Kjølaas in winter
A walk to Habostaddalen autumn and rain

Standa big views
The farms in Kjølaas
Svemorka industry area
Aukra May 2006
A airflight to Oslo

Info about new pages uploaded
A autumn day in Oslo
Rondane walks to several mountains in the area
Walk to the mountain Skulen at the island Flemsoy 
Walk to the mountain Skala-tårnet in Loen
NM møbel-utfor 2005
New pages winter in Stranda  and Stranda  skisenter
Winter in Stranda moonlight photos
Winter in Stranda a cold day
Leirvassbu Jotunheimen
Snohetta Dovrefjell og moskus
From a walk to the Mountain Hildrehesten in Haram
The vessel Queen Mary II visit the fjords July 2004
A view of the village Stranda

Storfjordstemnet 2003
A mountain walk in september to Raana

Autumn 2002
A mountain walk to the mountain Falketind in Jotunheimen
A mountainwalk to Liadalsnipa, Orsta
Photos from the tourist town Geiranger
Photos from Slogen and  Habostaddalen in Stranda

In the Pages for Hjellegjerde Mountainclub:
 A weekend in Finse - Flam doing a bike at
 the famous road named Rallarvegen
A mountain walk to the mountain named Slogen.

A mountain walk in the Geiranger fjord area

Walks to the mountain named Galdhøpiggen
and Galdhøpiggen in 94
Walk to the mountain Sandfjellet in Stordal

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